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Welcome to Ascrip Homecare Services – meeting the expanding requirement for home delivery of specialised medicines and related services.

Delivering medicines via the Homecare route is a well established process and provides a convenient, safe and clinically effective service for patients, while reducing the operational and financial burden on hospital resources.

At Ascrip we believe that home delivery makes sense for certain medicines currently prescribed in primary care and we are keen to explore these opportunities with progressive PCTs and prescribers. The efficient delivery of medicines and related services to patients in the community presents an opportunity to save on Health Service costs and to provide improvements in patient choice and care.

Our primary aim is to provide the highest standards of service; both to our commissioners and to our patients. Rather than forcing the use of a standardised package, we customise our services to meet the needs of our patient group; always taking account of the complexity and sensitivity of treatments involved.

We believe that choice and personalised service are important and we construct service packages in consultation with all parties.

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